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This is not a Ridley Orion bike review
The Spoke June 29, 2015
Take one Ridley Orion, one Mediterranean island, add bikebritain and you've got yourself 6 hours of cycling in Mallorca. Here's what ha... Full Article »
Cycle Oregon 2014 - 'Two rides to the top'
The Spoke December 19, 2014
Day Two is when the hills started to bite - and as we discovered, they weren't called 'High Rollers' for nothing..... Full Article »
Cycle Oregon 2014 - 'The Hill' - The Magnificent Seven Chronicles
The Spoke November 26, 2014
It has taken a while for me to find an angle on this year’s participation in Cycle Oregon. Finally, here it is. Full Article »
What is it like riding around a Velodrome?
The Spoke August 30, 2014
A few weeks ago bikebritain and Frank spent 90 minutes cycling round in a circle at Calshott velodrome. Here’s how it went……. Full Article »
(urgent and alternate) Bottle Carrier Repairs
The Spoke May 8, 2014
Inserts that hold the down tube bottle carrier worn out? bikebritain has a simple solution... Full Article »
I like this ride because....(Part 2)
The Spoke November 17, 2013
The first part was published 6 months ago. Luckily Lukey has decided to step in with a follow-up contribution..... Full Article »
Cycling around Senlis (Part 3 - Beyond the Velodrome)
The Spoke October 12, 2013
Senlis has a velodrome. It was time to find it. Here's what happened.... Full Article »
Cycling Around Senlis (Part 2 of some)
The Spoke August 17, 2013
It was an eventful ride last time. Would ride 2 be any different....? Full Article »
Commuting like a Grown-Up
The Spoke July 2, 2013
Blink and you would have missed bikebritain's previous commute to work. That's not the case anymore.... Full Article »
I like this ride because......(Part 1 of some)
The Spoke March 12, 2013
There's a few bike routes that are special to me. My 'round-the-block' is one of them. Here's why.... Full Article »
Tales of the early 80s: Fold-Up Bikes and Middle Schools
The Spoke November 4, 2012
Some jokes will never die. The fold up bike I owned at school is one of them. Here's the background... Full Article »
A spin round Brighton's Velodrome
The Spoke September 15, 2012
Did you know that Brighton has an outside Velodrome at Preston Park? bikebritain went over to take a ride round it.... Full Article »
10 Things you might not know about....'Renault-Elf-Gitane'
The Spoke August 12, 2012
Following the brief potted history of 'Kas' comes an assessment of 70s and 80s pro team 'Renault-Elf-Gitane'... Full Article »
'The Wind and the Rain' - RIDE24 - by Lukey
The Spoke June 30, 2012
Tougher than last year? RIDE24 2012 was according to Lukey. Here's his version of events..... Full Article »
Top 20 Finish (aiming for a)
The Spoke June 19, 2012
It's just 3 days away and our second 24 hour race is nearly upon us. Here's Lukey's last minute thoughts on what lies ahead.... Full Article »
What's in a training 'regime'?
The Spoke June 5, 2012
Just 3 weeks away, Lukey considers his preparation plan for RIDE24...... Full Article »
Golf, Cycling Fairy Godfathers and Saddle Height
The Spoke April 22, 2012
Incredibly it's all part of Lukey's preparation for RIDE24 in June.... Full Article »
RIDE24 2012 - Prelude
The Spoke April 9, 2012
bikebritain will be entering 2 teams in this years RIDE24 event at Goodwood. Lukey provides his thoughts about entering the race second... Full Article »
10 Things you might not know about..... Kas
The Spoke March 30, 2012
After a break, here's 10 things you might not know about.......Spanish Cycling team Kas Full Article »
To trailer or not to trailer.......
The Spoke January 26, 2012
After 18 months of usage, it's time for the bikebritain household to reflect on how using the bike trailer has become part of family li... Full Article »
To Turbo or not to Turbo...?
The Spoke November 9, 2011
Winter months can prove a challenge when it comes to getting out and riding. But is the alternative any better? Full Article »
Night MTB Rider
The Spoke October 19, 2011
Off-Roading? In the dark? Whatever next? Here's how it went.... Full Article »
Local Bike Shops (LBS) verses the World
The Spoke October 2, 2011
In a crowded market, what's the future for the Local Bike Shop? bikebritain assesses their chances..... Full Article »
Eye Witness News from the Tour de France
The Spoke July 8, 2011
Confirmed Francophile, Specialized owner and wine lover Emma reports from the first weekend of the Tour de France. Here's what she saw.... Full Article »
Mid Sussex Tri - The Race Report
The Spoke June 16, 2011
So after a few weeks training, how did bikebritain's first Triathlon go.....? Full Article »
A Triathlon Training Update
The Spoke June 6, 2011
The Mid-Sussex Triathlon is just 6 days away. Here's how the training's going..... Full Article »
Fancy doing a Triathlon mate........?
The Spoke May 25, 2011
Never done a Triathlon before and always up for a challenge, June 12th see's bikebritain take part in the Mid-Sussex Sprint event..... Full Article »
Protect your head!
The Spoke March 3, 2011
There is a far-from-conclusive debate over the benefit of wearing a cycle helmet. Here's what bikebritain thinks. Full Article »
Dodging the 'Boris Bikers'
The Spoke December 23, 2010
Ever experienced commuting in London? Guest writer Lukey just has...... Full Article »
10 things you might not know about 'Flandria'
The Spoke December 5, 2010
They introduced Shimano to Europe, were sponsored by Mars and accumulated 70 'Classic' victories; the team was called 'Flandria' Full Article »
10 things you might not know about 'PDM'
The Spoke October 21, 2010
Second in the '10 things' series comes a brief study of Dutch team 'PDM' Full Article »
10 things you might not know about 'Mapei'
The Spoke September 30, 2010
Mapei were the dominant UCI ranking team in the 1990s. But how much can you remember about them? Full Article »
Sky-Riding round London
The Spoke September 13, 2010
Guest writer Emma provides her view of the 4th Sky Ride round the nations capital a week ago Full Article »
Tour 2010 - a bikebritain retrospective
The Spoke July 13, 2010
bikebritain's Lukey provides a retrospective assessment of this year's Tour Full Article »
London to Brighton bike ride - a view from the saddle
The Spoke June 25, 2010
Guest writer and veteran of one (now) London to Brighton bike ride, Emma, provides an account of her first 80km ride on behalf of BHF. Full Article »
bikebritain on tour in Mallorca!
The Spoke April 29, 2010
After announcing the cancellation of the tour this year, a ride round Mallorca was just what bikebritain's founder Jonathan needed to u... Full Article »
Pearson Bikes celebrate 150 years of cycling heritage
The Spoke February 20, 2010
These days Pearson produce high end, British made bikes - but they were present right at the start of the bicycle story in the mid 1800... Full Article »
Past glories and future challenges
The Spoke January 29, 2010
So what's the similarity between cycling and rowing? Well there's less difference than you might think says bikebritain founder Jonathan... Full Article »
Team Sky Go Live!
The Spoke January 11, 2010
Team Sky were unleashed on the cycling world at a big-ticket media reception in London last week. Full Article »
Moreni finding it hard to leave his past behind him
The Spoke December 29, 2009
Christian Moreni was one of the pro riders caught doping in the 2007 Tour Full Article »
Bamboo Bikes - wood is the new carbon fibre!
The Spoke December 22, 2009
Looking to buy a new bike? Forget carbon or titanium - what you really need is a bamboo bike! Full Article »
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