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Recon Jet 'sunglasses'
Product Reviews August 17, 2015
Do Recon's Jet sunglasses herald a new era in technology and utility for today's cyclist? bikebritain is not so sure.... Full Article »
Ortlieb ‘Classic’ Panniers & Topeak Bike Rack
Product Reviews June 15, 2014
If you are buying Panniers, Ortlieb are the standard to which others are tested to. Why is this? Full Article »
Riemann P20 Sun Protection
Product Reviews May 26, 2014
Riemann P20 offers sun protection for lazy people, rendering it perfect for bikebritain and children..... Full Article »
Deuter 'Energy Bag'
Product Reviews May 3, 2014
Deuter's Energy Bag is designed to keep things in easy reach, but is it the best top bar bag on the market? Full Article »
Lezyne Light Review Part One : Femto Drive Rear LED
Product Reviews February 2, 2014
Does Lezyne's inexpensive LED rear light provide a decent backup light for the Winter rides? Full Article »
Easton EA90SLX Stem and EA70 Handlebars
Product Reviews November 11, 2013
For some reason, riding the Kona was harder work than expected. Perhaps a change of handlebars could help....... Full Article »
Saris 'Bones 3' Review Update
Product Reviews October 8, 2013
The 'Bones 3' offered hassle-free transportation for 3 bikes on the back of the car. However, over time, a few expensive drawbacks have... Full Article »
Kona 'Grand Wagon' Single Speed Bike Review
Product Reviews July 31, 2013
Sitting in the bike stable was one single speed bike, Trek's 'District'. Was there room for another Single Speed bike....? Full Article »
'Overboard' Waterproof Pouch & RideID
Product Reviews June 27, 2013
For £12 you can protect and store your ICE details on your Smartphone. Here's how..... Full Article »
LAS Victory Special Edition Helmet
Product Reviews March 10, 2013
Time for a helmet upgrade. But with hundreds to choose from, the LAS Victory got the nod over it's rivals. Here's why...... Full Article »
'High 5' Sports Nutrition
Product Reviews February 11, 2013
Can 'High 5' make a difference to your cycling performance. bikebritain thinks it does...... Full Article »
Lezyne's 'Road Drive' Hand Pump
Product Reviews January 12, 2013
What makes the 'Road Drive' stand out from other hand pumps? bikebritain reveals the difference.... Full Article »
Altura 'Night Vision' Over Trousers
Product Reviews December 14, 2012
Winter is here - and so my over trousers are being put to good use...... Full Article »
Shimano PD-M545 Free-Ride Pedals
Product Reviews November 11, 2012
Pedals for every day? bikebritain makes the case for Shimano's PD-M545s...... Full Article »
Saris 'Bones 3' Bike Rack
Product Reviews August 11, 2012
Got a bike and need to transport it? Here's a review a the Saris 'Bones 3'.... Full Article »
Altura Night Vision Jacket
Product Reviews June 12, 2012
It's June and given the weather good timing to release bikebritain's latest product review; Altura's Night Vision jacket.... Full Article »
bikeboxalan Bike Box Review
Product Reviews May 6, 2012
So the dhb bike box does not cut it. How does bikeboxalan compare? Find out here..... Full Article »
Hope Handle-Bar Ends
Product Reviews April 26, 2012
Surely it's not possible to write a review on bar-ends right? Wrong! Here it is, courtesy of bikebritain..... Full Article »
Why is Charge's Spoon Ti saddle different to the rest?
Product Reviews April 6, 2012
Buying a new saddle? Consider Charge's Spoon Ti....... Full Article »
Cycling with your Laptop can be Rocket Science!
Product Reviews March 8, 2012
Carrying a laptop on your bike can be awkward. Bikebritain has found a bag that amounts to the perfect solution.....If by accident! Full Article »
Terra 2 EVO Li-Ion rechargeable front LED lights
Product Reviews February 4, 2012
Terra 2 front lights have made a big difference to riding in the dark this Winter..... Full Article »
Tyre Test - Vittoria Open Corsa Evo CX
Product Reviews January 2, 2012
How do Vittoria's Open Corsa Evo CX's compare to the bikebritain tried and trusted Conti GP4000S.....? Full Article »
Genesis 'Day One' with Shimano 11 speed Alfine hub
Product Reviews December 13, 2011
The Day One by Genesis is the latest machine to join the bikebritain bike shed. So how does the 11 speed hub shape up......? Full Article »
Can a pair of ZIPP's change your life?
Product Reviews November 11, 2011
You know a brand means business when their tag line is 'Speed Weaponry'. Introducing the ubiquitous ZIPP 404s..... Full Article »
dhb Bike Box Review
Product Reviews September 21, 2011
It looks like a bargain, but is dhb's bike box really fit for purpose? bikebritain thinks not..... Full Article »
Castelli's 'Squadra' Windproof Jacket
Product Reviews August 29, 2011
As Autumn fast approaches, the need for a lightweight jacket became bikebritain's order of the day... Full Article »
Trek 1.2 Bike Review
Product Reviews July 29, 2011
Lukey's take on his Trek 1.2 are shared here along with some technical insights provided by Jamie Wilkins from Cycling Plus Full Article »
Do SealSkinz really keep your feet dry?
Product Reviews July 8, 2011
Just how effective are SealSkinz socks at keeping your feet dry? bikebritain's Jonathan puts on a pair and finds out..... Full Article »
Cyclemeter iPhone App
Product Reviews March 26, 2011
Got an iPhone? Looking for a Cycling App?Then look no further than Abvio's award winning 'Cyclemeter'. Full Article »
What in the world is a 'Wemmi'?
Product Reviews March 7, 2011
What on earth a 'Wemmi'? Well bikebritain is here to spread the word..... Full Article »
Mobile Video - does the 'Muvi' Micro Camcorder cut it?
Product Reviews February 23, 2011
Video is a key part of the bikebritain website. The 'Muvi' micro DV Camcorder helps capture mobile footage. But is it any good? Full Article »
Bike Reviews - Boardman's Comp Hybrid
Product Reviews February 4, 2011
New for 2011, bikebritain contributor Dave walks us through his motivations for buying a new set of wheels.... Full Article »
Topeak DryBag
Product Reviews January 3, 2011
Need a saddlebag that keeps your kit dry - try Topeak's DryBag Full Article »
Bike Review - Trek District 2010
Product Reviews November 27, 2010
bikebritain goes 'Single Speed' and buys a Trek District. So what's it like to ride? Full Article »
Cateye Vs Blackburn - a rear light-off!
Product Reviews November 24, 2010
Night-time visibility is the name of game and bikebritain reviews 2 lights that will help the world see you when you're out on your bike Full Article »
Continental GP4000 folding tyre test
Product Reviews November 8, 2010
Is the Conti GP4000 the best road tyre money can buy? It is according to bikebritain - and here's why. Full Article »
Shimano PDM-540 pedals & Shimano MW80 MTB boots
Product Reviews October 22, 2010
Looking for a MTB pedal and boot system? Maybe this is what you've been looking for.... Full Article »
Adventure AT2 Child Trailer
Product Reviews September 23, 2010
In a bid to be more eco-friendly bikebritain's Jonathan recently bought a child trailer - the Adventure AT2. Full Article »
...let's celebrate tarty eye-wear!
Product Reviews July 31, 2010
Cheap sunglasses arguably have the same the effect as their more expenisve cousins....but nothings feels quite like wearing a pair of O... Full Article »
Buying bike components? Just think Easton!
Product Reviews July 29, 2010
bikebritain has on on-going love affair with Easton bike components which shows no sign of diminishing - here's why. Full Article »
Van Nicholas Bikes
Product Reviews June 7, 2010
Van Nicholas are a Dutch company that specialise in making bikes out of Titanium. What more do you need to know? Full Article »
Red Bull Carbon SL 4400 Review
Product Reviews April 4, 2010
From air racing, GP motor racing to high end road bikes, German company Red Bull seems to have a finger in every pie when it comes to g... Full Article »
One pair of Nuts!
Product Reviews January 7, 2010
You've only got one pair of look after them! Full Article »
Essential Winter Gear Part 3 - Arm & Leg Warmers
Product Reviews January 4, 2010
One way to beat the cold this Winter is to wear arm and leg warmers. Full Article »
Essential Winter Gear Part 2 - Overshoes
Product Reviews December 27, 2009
Overshoes are an essential piece of clothing during the cold Winter months.... Full Article »
Easton EC90 SL Wheels
Product Reviews December 16, 2009
If you want to really treat yourself this Christmas these wheels be would a good option. Full Article »
Product Test - create bikes
Product Reviews December 13, 2009
create bikes offer a fun 'back to basics' 'fixie' at a competitive price Full Article »
Essential Winter Gear Part 1 - Tights
Product Reviews December 8, 2009
Winter Tights - essential for riding in the wind and rain Full Article »
Trek Release Madone Version 6
Product Reviews December 8, 2009
Trek release a new version of their all conquering Madone - the Version 6 Full Article »
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