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Vive la London Revolution!
bikebritain Says May 30, 2015
Lukey rode the Mitie London Revolution a couple of weeks ago. This is his account of the weekend event.... Full Article »
it's the first sportive of 2015.....
bikebritain Says February 27, 2015
wiggle's 'No Excuses' sportive staged at Huntingdon Racecourse was our first participation event of the year. Here's how it went..... Full Article »'s time to go off-road!
bikebritain Says January 6, 2015
I have ridden many wiggle Sportives but never tried an organised MTB event. That all changed in early December...... Full Article »
The only thing better than a small a bigger van!
bikebritain Says November 26, 2014
The Berlingo had given great service but had owning a van proven the concept? Full Article »
Time-trialling is not for the faint hearted
bikebritain Says August 30, 2014
As the professional riders disappeared, bikebritain lined up on the start line at Harewood House ready for a first attempt at a time-tr... Full Article »
‘Kev’ aka wiggle Bournemouth Sportive
bikebritain Says June 25, 2014
One of the best reasons to ride is meeting new people. I met 'Kev' during a recent Sportive in Bournmouth. Here's what happened.... Full Article »
wiggle New Forest Sportive Days 1 & 2
bikebritain Says May 5, 2014
Here's the unabridged account of the wiggle New Forest Sportive weekender that occurred in the sunshine last month.... Full Article »
wiggle New Forest Sportive Day 1
bikebritain Says May 5, 2014
Here's a summary of what happened on the first day of the wiggle/ukcyclingevents sportive in the New Forest last month.... Full Article »
wiggle New Forest Sportive Day 2
bikebritain Says May 5, 2014
Here's a summary of what happened on Day 2 of the wiggle/ukcyclingevents held in the New Forest last month... Full Article »
wiggle's New Forest Sportive - Prologue
bikebritain Says May 1, 2014
Here's how the New Forest 'prologue' went in prior to a weekend of wiggle sportive riding..... Full Article »'s time for the first Sportive of 2014.....
bikebritain Says April 14, 2014
The Sportive season has started and bikebritain opened it's account with the Burgess Hill Springtime Sportive held at the end of March..... Full Article »
The ultimate bike carrier......(Part 1 of 2)
bikebritain Says November 17, 2013
........might be a van! Full Article »
How not to ride wiggle's 'Mega Meon'
bikebritain Says August 17, 2013
What made the 'Mega Meon' such a challenge? Was it a tough route or simply poor preparation.......? Full Article »
Let's ride wiggle's 'The Long One'
bikebritain Says July 6, 2013
A wiggle ride at Fontwell was held last week - 'The Long One' - and here's how it went...... Full Article »
The Burgess Hill Springtime Classic 3rd March 2013
bikebritain Says March 23, 2013
The Springtime Classic Sportive by SRS Events - 72 miles around West Sussex. Here's how the ride went...... Full Article »
5 Top Tips for Climbing the Puig Major
bikebritain Says December 22, 2012
Actually these are Lukey's 5 Top Tips for climbing the biggest mountain in Mallorca..... Full Article »
bikebritain Says November 9, 2012
As Lance Armstrong's reputation as a 7 time winner of the Tour de France lies in tatters, this is what Lukey has to say on the situation... Full Article »
The 'Curse' of the Rainbow Jersey
bikebritain Says October 6, 2012
bikebritain's guest writer @lukeremsbery examines whether there really is 'A Curse of the Rainbow Jersey'.... Full Article »
Cycling and Collective Responsibility
bikebritain Says August 18, 2012
After another fatal accident this time during (and because of) the Olympic Games, bikebritain considers the cycle safety debate that e... Full Article »
John Griffin; Where's your common sense?
bikebritain Says May 12, 2012
John Griffin is the Chairman of cab company Addison Lee. He recently published his thoughts on cyclists. Here's Lukey's riposte to his ... Full Article »
Cycling around Senlis (Part One of Some)
bikebritain Says May 3, 2012
Angry Gendarmes, wheel-rattling cobble-stones and forgotten road shoes. Exactly how strange can 40 km round trip in France be....? Full Article »
How difficult should it be to store a bike?
bikebritain Says January 10, 2012
Where exactly should your pride and joy live when it's not being ridden? This has been a point of on-going debate for bikebritain... Full Article »
The Red Light 'Dilemma'
bikebritain Says December 3, 2011
Errant cyclists, angry runners and policemen. More insights from resident bikebritain writer Lukey and his cycling experiences..... Full Article »
London Cycle 'Super Highways' - Tested Here!
bikebritain Says October 30, 2011
Following hard on heels of Part One, Part Two see's Lukey navigate the CS3 and summarise his thoughts on the so-called cycle 'Super Hig... Full Article »
London Cycle 'Super Highways' - Tested Here!
bikebritain Says October 23, 2011
Fresh from another City commute, guest writer Lukey assesses how London's Cycle Superhighways perform..... Full Article »'s never too late - to learn to ride a bike!
bikebritain Says October 2, 2011
bikebritain contributor Lukey has taught a colleague to ride a bike. Here's how they got on.... Full Article »
Countdown to 'Going Coastal'
bikebritain Says August 15, 2011
The Cycle Oregon 2011 tour starts on September 10th and bikebritain, Malc and Swazy will all be there...... Full Article »
Simply, 'Thank You'
bikebritain Says June 28, 2011
An open letter to our friends and sponsors for support with our RIDE24 entry.... Full Article »
RIDE24 - Lukey's Final Say
bikebritain Says June 15, 2011
The 24 hours of truth are almost upon us. 700 training miles later, here's Lukey's final thoughts on the matter...... Full Article »
RIDE24 Training - Why is the wind always in your face?
bikebritain Says June 3, 2011
Part 4 of Lukey's RIDE24 training instalment see's him more concerned about the weather than mechanical reliability....... Full Article »
RIDE24 ahead; Lukey's stacking up the miles
bikebritain Says May 25, 2011
Part 3 of Lukey's account of the run-up to RIDE24 see's him getting to grips with the 1.2 and bike theft in London.... Full Article »
And now for some RIDE24 training.....
bikebritain Says April 15, 2011
With RIDE24 looming, bikebritain Team rider Lukey describes his training so far and new equipment requirements... Full Article »
Saddle up and get ready for RIDE24!
bikebritain Says March 20, 2011
The first in a series of articles on Team bikebritain's RIDE24 participation, finds Lukey sharing his thoughts and fears on a race that... Full Article »
100 Greatest Cycling Climbs No.21 - Steyning Bostal Rd
bikebritain Says January 2, 2011
It so happens that a hill bikebritain rides regularly also features in the book '100 Greatest Cycling Climbs'. Here's why it's a challenge. Full Article »
Is it time to go Single Speed?
bikebritain Says November 4, 2010
Single speed riding is cycling in it's purest form - so perhaps it's time bikebritain ditched the derailleur! Full Article »
How difficult can Porlock Hill be?
bikebritain Says September 11, 2010
The A39. The coastal town of Porlock and home to the infamous 'Porlock Hill'. You know what's coming..... Full Article »
......shall we cycle Danish Style?
bikebritain Says August 26, 2010
When you think of flat roads and planned cycle paths, perhaps you think of Holland? Well you should include Denmark in that mental list... Full Article »
let's ride the Haywards Heath Howler!
bikebritain Says August 2, 2010
148 km beckons over the East Sussex Downs. Are bikebritain and Swazy men enough for 'The Howler'? Full Article »
Bikes to Die for - LotusSport Pursuit Bike
bikebritain Says June 26, 2010
The LotusSport Pursuit bike looks pretty special despite it being nearly 20 years since it burst onto the international scene. It also ... Full Article »
Do you remember the first time?
bikebritain Says June 16, 2010
Of course you do! Reminded by a friend's son's first unassisted cycle, bikebritain's Jonathan reminisces about his first 'free-ride'. Full Article »
bikebritain goes Off-Roading!
bikebritain Says May 28, 2010
For the past 3 years or so bikebritain's founder Jonathan has been riding around on his beloved road bike. But this was not always the ... Full Article »
Riding clean with Bike Pure
bikebritain Says April 2, 2010
Bike Pure in a non profit making organisation that is dedicated to making cycling a clean sport....and they need your help to achieve t... Full Article »
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