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Winter Rides and Irregular Running
bikebritain News March 2, 2016
You might not have known it but the past few months have been busy for bikebritain.... Full Article »
Pontypool 2 - to Brecon and Back
bikebritain News December 15, 2015
A second foray in and around the valleys of Pontypool awaits 3 men from Sussex.... Full Article »
Event Report : Ironman Triathlon Maastrict-Limburg
bikebritain News September 1, 2015
Last month the town of Maastrict played host to its first Ironman triathlon. It was also Frank and Matt's first attempt at the event. H... Full Article »
Velothon Wales 2015
bikebritain News June 27, 2015
In his second ride in Wales this year, Lukey participated in Velothon 2015. Here is his witty and acerbic view of how the event really ... Full Article »
Kilo To Go 'Essex Explorer' 2015 - The Long Ride
bikebritain News June 13, 2015
How would inclement weather and a last minute change of bike effect this year's Essex Explorer...... Full Article »
Kilo To Go 'Essex Explorer' Prologue
bikebritain News May 30, 2015
Would the Essex Explorer finally provide an opportunity to ride 100 miles on single speed? Fate says maybe not..... Full Article »
The South Wales Spectacular
bikebritain News March 13, 2015
In a warm up for the Lukey's Velothon debut in June, bikebritain, accompanied by Joey, decided to take a trip to Pontypool. Here's what... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs #126 - Mam Tor
bikebritain News January 4, 2015
Just before the Tour de France arrived in Yorkshire, an opportunity to ride up Mam Tor in Derbyshire presented itself. Here's how it we... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs #42 - Jackson Bridge
bikebritain News November 10, 2014
West Yorkshire was proving rich pickings for hill climbing - queue the ride out of Jackson Bridge. Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs #173 - Chew Road
bikebritain News November 6, 2014
You're in a small village just outside Oldham. What are you going to do? Climb another hill I would think.... Full Article »
wiggle's New Forest Autumn Sportive
bikebritain News October 21, 2014
bikebritain was back again for another ride around the New Forest. But with a different route and inclement weather on the cards, how d... Full Article »
'Kilotogo' Essex Explorer Sportive
bikebritain News June 13, 2014
bikebritain's first Kilotogo event and Lukey's first ever sportive occurred last week in Essex. Here's how we did...... Full Article »
Tour of Britain Stage 7 - The Real Thing
bikebritain News May 21, 2014
The longest stage in recent ToB history beckoned. Just how did Lukey and bikebritain fair in their attempt to ride the approximated route? Full Article »
2014 Tour of Britain Stage 7 - bikebritain style - Prologue
bikebritain News May 15, 2014
Something mad is going to happen this Sunday. Lukey and I are going to ride Stage 7 of this Septembers Tour of Britain.... Full Article »
Derbyshire Dales (100 Greatest Climbs)
bikebritain News April 10, 2014
It was time to get back into the saddle and attempt some more Greatest Cycling Climbs. Enter the Derbyshire Dales...... Full Article »
Looking forward to the rest of 2014
bikebritain News January 29, 2014
January has almost passed by but the rest of 2014 is looking busy for bikebritain.... Full Article »
Mallorca's Hidden Treasures
bikebritain News December 12, 2013
Another visit to Mallorca beckons and with it some previously unridden roads..... Full Article »
wiggle's South Downs Sportive
bikebritain News November 8, 2013
This ride would round off the my participation in cycling events this year. But with rain forecast, would bikebritain have the stamina ... Full Article »
bikebritain rides wiggle's New Forest Sportive
bikebritain News October 24, 2013
The New Forest sportive was voted one of the Top 10 rides to do in the UK. It was time to find out if the route lived up to the hype..... Full Article »
bikebritain's solo tour of Mallorca - Unabridged account
bikebritain News May 31, 2013
Here it is - the complete account of bikebritain's latest (and solo) foray around Mallorca.... Full Article »
Ride 1 : Coll de Soller - Hello Old Friend
bikebritain News May 31, 2013
Day 1 and bikebritain was itching to get into the mountains. Here's what happened.... Full Article »
Ride 2 : 'Round the block' Mallorcan style
bikebritain News May 31, 2013
bikebritain's love of a 'round the block' route took on a Mallorcan feel to it.... Full Article »
Ride 3 : Puig Major/Sa Calobra Devilish Double Header
bikebritain News May 31, 2013
Just how tough would a minimum of 25 km climbing be? bikebritain was about to find out.... Full Article »
Ride 4 : Valldemossa or Bust!
bikebritain News May 31, 2013
Day 4 see's bikebritain ascend to Valldemossa and descend into Port des Canoges in search of some 'new' roads to test.... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs - The Dorking Devils
bikebritain News May 18, 2013
Dorking is a rich source of Greatest Cycling Climbs and it's on the doorstep. Time to see what challenges the 'Surrey Hills' might off... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs No.105 - Bushcombe Lane
bikebritain News March 30, 2013
Bushcombe Lane is rate as a 10/10 by Simon Warren. It turns out, for good reason..... Full Article »
bikebritain's review of 2012
bikebritain News December 26, 2012
The end of the year offers a chance to consider what's been achieved these past 12 months. Here's the view from bikebritain..... Full Article »
bikebritain's 2012 Tour of Mallorca (Complete Version)
bikebritain News December 19, 2012
Last month myself, Lukey and Malc went to Mallorca for a 4 day cycle tour. Here's what we got up to.... Full Article »
Ride 1: Saturday: The (self-proclaimed) 'Easy' Day
bikebritain News December 19, 2012
Our first ride of the weekend involved a couple of punctures and some great views..... Full Article »
Ride 2: Sunday: A pointless there and back again?
bikebritain News December 19, 2012
Sa Calobra is one of the most famous roads in Mallorca. It's a 10km descent to the bottom and the climb back was the focus of our Day 2.... Full Article »
Ride 3: Monday: The Coll de Soller & Puig Major
bikebritain News December 19, 2012
Our longest ride of the tour focused on an ascent of the tallest peak on the island, the Puig Major. Here's what happened..... Full Article »
Ride 4: Tuesday: Back Pain, Lightning and Lighthouses.
bikebritain News December 19, 2012
The final ride of our tour saw a change of weather, the net result being 3 men hiding under a bush near a lighthouse...... Full Article »
The Day the Tour of Britain came to Town (Stage 8)
bikebritain News September 18, 2012
High time bikebritain got to see some more cycle racing, this time Tour of Britain style at Guildford. Here's what happened.... Full Article »
The Day the Olympics came to Town (Part Two)
bikebritain News September 14, 2012
Having seen the Olympic Road Race, an opportunity to see the Men's Time Trial fell at my feet.... Full Article »
The Day the Olympics came to Town (Part One)
bikebritain News August 6, 2012
Nailed on for glory, here's what happened from bikebritain's perspective at The Mall 2 Saturdays ago in the Olympic Men's Road Race..... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs #24 - 'The Streatley Hill Scuttle'
bikebritain News August 4, 2012
The idea was to climb 7 'Greatest Cycling Climbs' in 7 days. Here's how hill number 5 went..... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs - A 4 Hill Howler
bikebritain News July 19, 2012
The scene is the North Downs. 4 Hills lie ahead. Here's what happened..... Full Article »
RIDE24 Race Report
bikebritain News June 27, 2012
RIDE24 was held last weekend. Could it be any tougher than last time around......? Full Article »
RIDE 24 - second time around
bikebritain News May 24, 2012
June is round the corner - which means so is RIDE24. How is bikebritain's preparation going for the big day......? Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs No.69 - 'Bealach Na Ba'
bikebritain News April 22, 2012
We did it! Here's how. Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs No.69 - 'Bealach Na Ba' - Prelude
bikebritain News April 15, 2012
In a few days time an ascent of the infamous Bealach Na Ba beckons. It will be tough.... Full Article »
The Perils of Potholes
bikebritain News February 26, 2012
In February bikebritan suffered a fall that could have resulted in serious injury. Here's what happened.... Full Article »
Looking straight ahead; welcome to 2012!
bikebritain News January 14, 2012
2011 was a busy year for bikebritain. 2012 promises to be more of the same...... Full Article »
Evans 'Ride-It', 27th November, Start/Finish, Gatwick
bikebritain News December 10, 2011
After participating in a couple of wiggle rides, bikebritain decided to see how the Evans Ride-It events shape up with a cycle out of G... Full Article »
bikebritain's 'Hanover Hill Horror'
bikebritain News November 28, 2011
Always looking for new challenges, bikebritain occupies an evening on the 'Hanover Hill Horror'..... Full Article »
wiggle Super Series Event: The Devils Punchbowl
bikebritain News November 22, 2011
With a title worthy of Mephistopheles himself, can the tempter of Faust conjurer up a hellish ride for bikebritain and Swazy.....? Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs No.25 - 'Combe Gibbet'
bikebritain News October 30, 2011
Set a few miles from Hungerford lies the 'Combe Gibbet' - and the site of the latest climbing challenge for bikebritain.... Full Article »
'Going Coastal' with Cycle Oregon
bikebritain News October 9, 2011
This years Cycle Oregon (week) ride was as fun as the last. Here's bikebritain's brief retrospective on the whole experience.... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs: The Somerset Slogs
bikebritain News August 18, 2011
Back in the West Country, would 'The Somerset Slogs' prove to be as tough as Porlock.......? Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs - A Matlock Double Header
bikebritain News July 20, 2011
Here's a taster of Matlock's Double Header - Bank Road Vs Riber Road - not for the fainthearted! Full Article »
RIDE24 Race Report
bikebritain News June 27, 2011
'Veteren' of one RIDE24 race, Lukey gives us an insight to his experiences round Goodwood Motor circuit last weekend...... Full Article »
Why RIDE24?
bikebritain News June 8, 2011
RIDE24 is just 10 days away. This is why we're riding...... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs No.22 - Ditchling Beacon
bikebritain News May 11, 2011
Ditchling Beacon provides the latest hill to challenge the legs of bikebritain. Here's how it went.... Full Article »
Greatest Cycling Climbs No.36 - 'Mow Cop'
bikebritain News April 19, 2011
A peak in Staffordshire, 'Mow Cop', provides the latest vertical challenge for bikebritain. Here's how it went. Full Article »
Supporting Ian Taylor riding 'End to End' for AMR
bikebritain News March 5, 2011
As part of it's commitment to charitable causes, bikebritain is sponsoring Ian Taylor in his bid to raise money for AMR. Here's how he'... Full Article »
bikebritain rides the 'Worthing Winter Warmer'
bikebritain News February 18, 2011
The 'Worthing Winter Warmer' was held last Saturday. Here's the ride according to bikebritain.... Full Article »
bikebritain's 'Brighton Blowout'
bikebritain News January 23, 2011
After a couple of false starts, bikebritain and Swazy take on 11 of Brighton's steepest hills. Here's how we did. Full Article »
The year ahead for bikebritain
bikebritain News December 13, 2010
2010 has been an exciting year for bikebritain, and 2011 promises to be even busier! Full Article »
bikebritain rides the South Downs 100 Sportive
bikebritain News October 28, 2010
Clear blue October skies, 103 miles, 3 dead badgers and a man called 'Rob'.... Full Article »
bikebritain 'Cycles the Wight'
bikebritain News October 7, 2010
Having never been to the Isle of Wight, the opportunity to cycle round the island on behalf of the BHF seemed like a good idea Full Article »
bikebritain rides the etape hibernia
bikebritain News August 26, 2010
On August 21st Ireland's largest closed road race took place - and bikebritain was riding right in the thick of it! Full Article »
bikebritain's new look
bikebritain News July 28, 2010
Over the past few weeks the bikebritain website has been changing - and a new road lies ahead..... Full Article »
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