Product Reviews March 7, 2011

What in the world is a 'Wemmi'?

On the face of it, the subject of my latest product review could present a challenge. Afterall, just how interesting can a cleaning product be? At the beginning of the year a chap called Neil got in touch with me, having found bikebritain on Twitter. He was interested whether I'd like to try the 'Wemmi'. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Curious, I said yes. A few days later I got my 'Wemmi's' by post...and I've been road testing them ever since.  

So the 'Wemmi' then. What exactly is it? A 'Wemmi' wipe is about the size of two white strepsils compacted together. In order for the 'wemmi' to 'grow' into action, just add water. Exactly. Just like a Gremlin! It's an interesting process to view. From the tiny cloth pellet unfolds a wipe that can be used on any application. That's it! I realise I can be easily amazed - but you have to admit, that's quite clever. From here you can moisten the cloth, use and reuse. However, what is impressive is the strength and durability of a 'Wemmi'. Having watched this thing grow before my eyes, (to about 20cm square)  I decided to give it a proper going over. I used a couple of them on my dirty bike. A stern test, but they did well. It's resilient enough to be used on a repeatable basis before it starts to degrade - and that's even combined with Muc Off.  Just rinse, squeeze and re-use. Ok, you're probably not going to use them to mop the floor...but then it's horses for courses right? 

They start off so small! Their compact nature makes it an ideal travel companion - especially where space is a premium. The 'Wemmi' comes in  packs of 4 or a tube of 8 wipes - so genuinely pocket sized. What's more, it also has some decent environmental credentials, namely it's 100% natural, chemical free as well as reusable. I'm not saying the 'Wemmi' is a one stop solution for cleaning - but it's a clever little device to have up your 'travelling' sleeve.  

A number of bike stores have started stocking the 'Wemmi' as well as camping and outdoor retailers. With a toddler in our house as well, the uses for our 'Wemmi's' are clearly endless........prices for a 4 pack are £1.75 and £3.25 for a tube of 8 tablets. So why not give them a try - it'll cost you less than a pint! 

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