Product Reviews December 13, 2009

Product Test - create bikes

create bikes exhibited at the Cycle Show at the beginning of October this year. A London based company they have taken the concept of the fixed/free wheel bike and gone 'back to basics'. What they offer is a relatively inexpensive commuter bike that should provide trouble free riding. No gears and a simple hi-tensile steel frame means that their bikes are rugged and but reliable. Although they are not light (the 'large' version weighs about 12 kilos), they pick up speed quickly and it allows the rider to zip around town - and in a choice of eight eye-catching colours.   

The bikes are advertised as almost ready to go when delivered. This means that you need to be mildly proficient at bike maintenance as you are required to fit the front wheel, straighten the handle bars, fit the saddle and in all likelihood adjust the brakes and cables.

Start scrutinizing the paint scheme and you might find issues with the lacquer - and it's not that resistant to scratches either. Nevertheless this does not detract from the bike being a bargain. The fun of a 'fixie' is that it's basically trouble free cycling - no complex derailleur to worry about. Consequently the bike allows you great freedom to zoom round corners - courtesy of the 24mm tyre width and comfortable saddle provided. 

Although the rrp for a create bike is £247, if you fancy buying one for Christmas, it would be a good time to have a look at their website, With a promotional sale now on, a bike today will cost just shy of £200. Maybe it's time you joined the fashion to go 'fixie'.....If you want a more detailed review you could also look at this month's edition of Cycling Plus in the road tested section.

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