bikebritain News December 13, 2010

The year ahead for bikebritain

2010 has been an exciting year for bikebritain, and 2011 promises to be even busier!

After a roller-coaster 2010, bikebritain will continue to concentrate on making the website the focus of it's activities. It will continue to feature articles on product reviews, opinion, heroes of the the sport as well as bikebritain news. Featured articles will include testing the cycle lanes of Brighton in HD with bikebritain contributor Ranger Dave. They will be some 'helmet' video camera action as well as bikebritain showing what travelling at 80 km on a road bike looks like! Brighton is also the subject of some bicycle photographic reportage for the image panel. Ensuring the bikebritain brand is developed, the existing social media channels Twitter and Facebook will continue to be enriched. In just over a year the 'bike britain' Facebook 'person' page has featured 1750 friends with almost 10% also signed up on the bikebritain fanpage. Over 350 external links have been posted from the bikebritain fanpage and this varied source of bicycle related information and other trivia will expand throughout 2011. Previous contributors Lukey and Emma will be invited to share their views of cycling heroes and events alike and maybe even Swazy will put pen to paper and describe his experiences when he participates in his next Triathlon. Who knows, even Malc might find his way back to the saddle! 

From a hands-on cycling perspective, 2011 will start with an Audax held at the beginining of February - so there's plenty of reason for me to stay in the saddle over the festive period. This is a lively ride round West Sussex with more than a few sneaky hills thrown in! The Category 1 route over the mountain roads of Mallorca also beckons. This has been a target for sometime and 2011 looks like it could be the year this ride is attempted. However, the most exciting and challenging cycling event will be 2011's Cycle Oregon. This will be the second time bikebritain will have participated in this amazing cycling event - and if the 2008 experience was anything to go by, 2011 will be awesome. Roll on September. Whatever happens though CO2011 will be a rich source of bikebritain material. Might be time to invest in a few jersey's..... On top of all this, at least 6 Sportive rides are planned, including participating in the Etape Caledonia and Hibernia. Even the mid Summer London to Brighton is being penciled in for good measure....perhaps on the Single Speed....

Perhaps most importantly and new for 2011, bikebritain will be working with M's-Cycles in Shoreham, as the guide for some organised road rides around West Sussex and maybe beyond. In 2010 M's-Cycle's won 'The Beautiful South's' Gold award for Sports Tourism. Based in the heart of Shoreham Town and on Worthing seafront, John and Maria hire, repair and offer cycling experience courses for all ages. bikebritain will provide M's-Cycle's clients the opportunity to ride through some of the more obscure country lanes in the county. It promises to be a busy Summer!

So stay tuned to the bikebritain website. They'll be more to come - and it will all be bike related. I can guarantee you that!

 Enjoy the ride.

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