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10 things you might not know about 'PDM'

Second in the bikebritain series of '10 things you might know about', comes facts on the pro team PDM. I also happen to own a PDM jersey, so perhaps it's fair to say this feature has been inspired by my love of retro jersey's as much as anything else. Anyway here's the 10 things........

1. PDM-Concorde (also known as) PDM-Ultima was a Dutch professional cycling team from 1986 until the end of 1992. 

2. The team was sponsored by Philips Dupont Magnetics, a joint venture between the Dutch electronics company, Philips, and the chemical company, DuPont. 

3. Staying with the Dutch theme, the team rode bikes made by the native bicycle company Concorde but produced by legendary Italian frame manufacturer Ciorcc (pronounced Chee-Oh-Ch).

4. The team achieved success in the 1987 and 1988 Tour de France where PDM had riders Pedro Delgado and Steven Rooks placed second overall. Erik Brekink was placed third in the 1990 event.

5. PDM won the Tour Team classification in both 1988 and 1989.

6. The team won more than 27 notable victories including World Road Race Championship 1990, the Liège–Bastogne–Liège in 1988 and 1989, Giro di Lombardia in 1991 and Vuelta a Andalucía in 1986.

7. In 1991 PDM dropped out of the Tour de France apparently due to food poisoning. Team Doctor Wim Sanders later said in 2003 it was attributed to the incorrect storage of 'Intralipid', a nutritional aid that was injected into their riders.(Having researched this drug, it seems like it helps people who are unable to consume nutrition orally.)

8. This was not PDM's only brush with drugs either. Cycling reported in 1997 that the same team Doctor, Wim Sanders previously had supplied anabolic steriods and EPO to members of the team in 1990. Jan Gisbers, PDM's then Sport Director denied any knowledge of this practice.  

9. Sean Kelly was one of PDM's most famous riders. He rode with the team for three years beween 1989 and 1991 when he was arguably at his professional riding peak.

10. The team disbanded in 1992 when PDM sold the team to Festina.


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