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Adventure AT2 Child Trailer

With a toddler now in tow and going from a two car to a one car household, my wife an I have decided to try and 'Go-Eco' on the child transportation front. We therefore recently bought a trailer that we can put our little man into, so we can both cycle to nursery and pick him up. Of course in Summer this sounds like a great idea, but true to form we are testing our theory in Autumn and Winter. We'll give it three months and see where that takes us. Having assessed the available options we purchased an 'Adventure AT2'.

Before I continue I should add that the trailer idea has so far yet to be (a) proven that it works on a consistent basis and (b) won't actually cost us more money in the long run. Reason being that the set up at home potentially involves alot of faffing about with unlocking shed and back doors, skillfully negotiating areas that were not designed for the width of a bike trailer and so on. In all likliehood it will probably result in us buying a new shed to ease its use and there's another £500 down the spout. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea at the time. So what about the trailer? 

It's pretty good. I did a fair amount of comparison on the internet and to be honest there's not  a huge amount of choice. Adventure provide a range of 3 child trailers of various robustness. The AT2 is the mid-range offering - and we purchased it for £160 from There is an element of assembly required, but nothing too technical - ie, I managed to put it together. You are required to put the quick release skewers through the wheels, assemble the trailer element of it and ensure the fixings are in the right place. Oh yes - and attach the canopy. The AT2 is supplied in a bright yellow day-glow canvas with an illuminious patch on the back. I was amazed to see some trailers come in black canvass?!? The canopy itself fits really well - so there's no chance of the passenger(s) getting wet - plus there's a really decent 'boot' - perfect for shopping. (I have already suggested this, but I will not print the subsequent response!) Once (the trailer is) assembled, you need to undo the rear wheel nut/skewer and fit the adapter so bike can mate with trailer. This is also very straight forward. I also fitted a couple of Blackburn 3.0 rear lights (as recommended by Cycling Plus 9/10) to the top of the trailer so it now resembles a Christmas tree. Afterall, visibility is the name of the game. With the fittings in place it takes 10 seconds to attach the trailer and safety lanyard to the bike - and then you're off!

If there are any criticisms to be had, it would be the fairly upright seating position. Maybe it will be better for the boy when he grows a bit but it coud be slightly reclined and seem more comfortable. It will also be very snug with two in the back! But these are relatively minor issues.

Cycling with the trailer takes a few moments to get used to. It can be a bit jerky until you get used to the fact you are towing something (someone) behind you. You also need to remember the additional width! Other than that it's really straightforward and it's been fun for all concerned. We have not tried it out in the rain yet - but it's early days and we are just enjoying the remainder of the early Autumn sunshine. 

For more information on the Adventure AT2 trailer see You can buy an AT2 from and who we found to be most competitive. 

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