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Essential Winter Gear Part 1 - Tights

Now Winter seems to be well and truly with us (it feels as if it's been raining for months!), if you're going to venture outside for a ride, you might do well investing in a pair of Winter 'longs' or tights. You won't win any fashion contests in them - but choose correctly and you should stay warm and relatively dry. 

This month, Cycling Plus tested a variety of winter tights. The joint winners were the Craft Performance Storm Bibs and Gore's Oxygen WS Bibtights+, both scoring 9/10 . However, with £40 between them, Craft might offer better value for money - retailing at £90. Both provided good wind-proofing and will bet you through even the coldest of winter days. The main advantage offered by Gore's Oxygen's is in the seat-pad which is more substantial than it's main rival and the fluffy material that's used as the inner liner. Surprisingly, Sugoi, the Canadian manufacturer, score poorly, 5/10, due to the cut of their tights. This surprises me - I have a variety of Sugoi products and their quality is usually very good.

Personally, I use a pair of tights made by SPIUK. Being Spanish, although they are XXL, they are snug shall we say! I tend not to use the feet stirrups to allow alittle more movement in the upper body. That said, they are well made, have WindTex sections on the front to protect against head winds and are made from Super Roubaix. The pad fits reasonably ok, although not as well a 'Summer' pair of shorts do. They come with elasticated ankle grippers and plenty of reflective material, ideal for those night rides. I bought my pair for about £80. It took me a while to get used to them - but I now regard them as an essential piece of my Winter riding kit.

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