bikebritain News July 28, 2010

bikebritain's new look

Welcome to the new look bikebritain website! Change is inevitable - and bikebritain has experienced a number of challenges over the past 12 months or so. But we have now transitioned into a new phase - becoming a site dedicated to all aspects of cycling. 

It's fair to say it really is "out with the old and in with the new'. New format. Animation. Featured articles. Guest writers. Bike related photography - it's all here. We've also kept the videos and the links to Twitter and Facebook, accessible from the website.  In short, something for everyone interested or involved in cycling. There are many websites that cycling related - so our intention is to provide something slightly different. There's an editorial piece on 'bikebritain says', product reviews, plus we'll be paying homage to those riders who make up the fabric of cycling folklore - the good and the bad - so check out the piece on Eddy Merckx for example. 

Upcoming - a couple of personal accounts about Sportive's that are being held around the country - the 'Haywards Heath Howler' kicks us off this coming Sunday. Expect to see photos and video from the event. The Etape Hibernia follows later in August. Guest writer's Lukey and Emma  will also feature - and Ranger Dave will be doing a piece on the cycle lanes of Brighton - a wealth of material to be had there I think. In short, views of folks who ride bikes or have a view on the sport. Who knows, bikebritain might even get roped into doing a Triathlon at somepoint......

The cycle event has not been forgotten - it's merely on the back-burner for the moment. Tentative plans for an event in the South of England are being drawn up at the moment - and of course we'll keep you posted with those developments. In the meantime have a browse of the articles we have to hand - and should you wish to contribute, drop us a line at 

Oh and don't forget - have fun and stay safe.


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