Product Reviews December 8, 2009

Trek Release Madone Version 6

If Albert Contador, Lance Armstrong and the rest of the Astana team use Trek bikes, they're probably good enough for the rest of us. With Tour de France victories in it's blood, Trek have released a re-vamped, re-coloured and re-engineered Madone - the Version 6. 

Complete in Livestrong livery, Armstrong himself is reportedly had an influence in it's design. As you would expect the frame is fully carbon - 150 grams lighter than previous model, 17% stiffer and all told it weighs just shy of 900 grams.  The ride, apparently, has not suffered with changes in the rear forks and seatmast helping to enhance comfort (but let's face it, you don't ride a bike like this for comfort). Bontrager have provided Race wheels and the frame is 'future proofed' - it is fully compatible with Shimano's electronic gear system Di2. Not only that, the cables are recessed and there is a specially designed place for the required battery pack. If you are interested in performance (and if you've bought this machine you probably are), the chainstay is fitted with sensor's that are Garmin compliant - meaning you can monitor your speed and cadence data by wireless. 

Trek also offer the option for the normal person (with deep pockets) to design their own version 6. If you visit you can choose a bike made to your specific requirements. Sounds great but you might be paying for it off for some time to come...... 

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