Product Reviews January 7, 2010

One pair of Nuts!

Excuse the parlance, but you've got to look after your undercarriage! 18 months ago I participated on a week long ride...and by the middle of the week, despite wearing decent cut shorts, the miles were beginning to take a toll. Talking to one of my fellow riders, they suggested I shouold use Chamois Cream. This was news to me. I had not heard of this magic potion before. Under minor instruction I slapped a reasonable amount of funny looking gunk onto my chamois and pulled them up. The result was, well.....eyebrow raising. I won't go into it too much - on the one hand it initially feels as if you've done something you shouldn't have in your pants...but give it 5 minutes and you'll get over that. Once in the saddle, give it a further 5 minutes and you'll decide this was a brilliant idea and you'll wonder how on earth have you managed without this stuff before! 

Dave Zabriskie, known as 'The Green Hornet' is a US pro cyclist who rides for Garmin Slipstream. He is particularly useful at individual time trials (winner of the US national time trial 5 times over), as well as having won stages in all 3 Grand Tour stage races. Actually he's a bit of a character, and has been known to sing before stages and conduct interviews with his fellow professional riders during the races that are subsequently posted on his website. I quite like that. So all in all, Mr. Zabriskie knows a thing or two about cycling. Under his DZ brand, he has released 'dznuts' a chamois cream designed to protect the delicate perineal area from chaffing, bacterial and fungal infection. It's not cheap, about £12, but it works a treat. Apply either directly onto your...err perineal area - (probably best to do that out of public view) or onto your dry chamois pad and see that's pretty much it. If you are unlucky enough to be suffering from them, you can apply 'dznuts' onto saddle sores either before or after a ride. As Zabriskie says himself "Nothing can ruin stage race success faster than an infected saddle sore,". Nasty! So try it and see how you go. 

dznuts is a high viscosity chamois creme and is available from for about £12.

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