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Riemann P20 Sun Protection

The benefits of using barrier protection against the sun are well documented. Most people are aware of the dangers of being over-exposed to the sun and the subsequent need to apply and then reapply sun cream. Keeping yourself protected when you're out on the bike is important especially since areas like your neck are prone to being 'caught by the sun'. The purpose of this brief review is to highlight the benefits of one particular sunscreen I've discovered by accident. 

Last year, at one of the wiggle rides, a freebie tester was included in the goodie bag given away 'post ride'. The contents of these bags are typically hit and miss. However this one contained a tester bottle of sunscreen made by a Danish company, Riemann. Quite useful. The wording on the spray pump claimed it would provide protection for up to 10 hours and was 'extremely water proof' after 15 minutes. The spray also offers up to 80 minutes of protection when used in water. Sure enough, to the best of my knowledge, it has performed in precisely the way described. This has highlighted some additional benefits, namely;

1. If you're going out all day, there's no need to reapply, allowing you to leave it at home. 
2. It is perfect for use on children. I bought a factor 50 spray for use on my 4 year old son. The spray is easy to direct and only having to apply once a day is an advantage.
3. The spray allows easy application. 
4. The liquid itself is easy to spread about and does not leave a slimy residue afterwards. My experience of factor 50 creams for example is that they are very thick, making the application process more difficult. This is a disadvantage when trying to cover a reluctant 4 year old. 
5. It is perfect for lazy people. One application and you are protected for the day.

On the basis of all of this I recently bought bottles of Factors 15/20 and 50 for my nearest and dearest.

I am sure there are products that offer similar levels of protection available. I am not someone who has tested many different types of sun protection; I would usually buy some at the airport prior to going on holiday and that would do me. However for the reasons above I think this product is pretty good. It's also not that expensive. I purchased my sunscreen from, but I have since seen it available in duty free stores. 100 ml cost around £12.

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