Product Reviews January 4, 2010

Essential Winter Gear Part 3 - Arm & Leg Warmers


You can go on forever buying gear for either you or your bike. However, as we've established there are some things that whilst are not absolutely essential, can greatly improve your outside riding experience. Both arm and leg warmers fall into this category. As usual, it all depends on what you're looking for. Take arm warmers for instance. If you tend to buy short sleeved cycling jersey's then arm warmers are an excellent way of getting all year round wear from your 'summer' apparel. They'll be elasticated both ends with grippers similiar to those found in your cycling shorts. The fit is snug (mine are large) and are typically triple stitched at the top (around your bicep) and double stitched at the wrist. They will provide a highly effective barrier against the cold air and are equally useful in the spring. Small enough to have stashed in your back pocket, they can be handy when the sun starts to go down and it gets a bit chilly. 

I wear a pair of Specialised arm warmers (mine are white but they come in black to) and they retail for about £25.

The same goes for leg warmers. Elasticated grippers at the top - you'll want to change on your own - as you need to put these on first before you apply your shorts (so the possiblity of looking ridulous is high if you're caught at the wrong moment!). The grippers are really handy because they don't slip down as you cycle - another reason to put them before your shorts. Complete with reflective piping, mine have a 15cm zip at the bottom to help them off and on if you already have your shoes on. They come in the usual sizes - I'm 180 cm + and are 'large'. 

I wear a pair of Gore Bike Wear leg warmers (mine are black - and I think that's the only colour Gore offer) and retail for about £30. 

With both products the range is vast and in the winter sales you'll probably be able to pick up a pair of both warmers for <£20. For a good choice of both arm and leg warmers you can always try

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