bikebritain News May 31, 2013

Ride 2 : 'Round the block' Mallorcan style

bikebritain's solo tour of Mallorca, May 2013 

Start/Finish Orient : Alaro : Inca : Consell : Santa Maria : Bunyola

Ride time: 2:05
Distance: 51.92 km
Av speed: 24.81 km
Ascent: 693 meters
Calories: approx 1800

Waking up, it was obvious that I'd been cycling the previous day. Lower back, knees and shoulders were achy and there was a general 'tightness' in my calfs and quads, a feeling I usually only get when I've been riding hard. I wanted days three and four to be biggish (to be later defined), so I chose to take day two relatively easily. For a more comfortable ride I looked east towards the town of Inca. The road to Inca was mildly undulating and I could head back along the flat past Santa Maria and onto Bunyola, this time approaching Orient from the opposite direction. 

This was my first descent on the Alaro side and I enjoyed it more than the technical ride into Bunyola. The bends were more sweeping with some decent length straights, making it possible to maintain a higher speed throughout. Turning right off the PM-210 I joined the 'local' backstreet roads and meandered my way towards Lloseta and Inca. These were not large distances. On the road to Lloseta I recalled from previous visits there was part of an aircraft left at a farm opposite. I looked for it was not there; perhaps it had finally been consigned to the scrap merchant. 

There's nothing much to get excited about in Inca as far as I can tell. It has some industry located on the outskirts but the town itself doesn't do much for me. Having arrived, I promptly found a signpost for Palma (all roads in Mallorca lead to Palma) which turned out to be the MA-13a. I'm guessing this used to be the main road east. With the motorway now built its just another local link road, well cared for and straight. No sign of a headwind either so that was a plus!

I stayed on this road until I reached Santa Maria (note to file, there are substantial bike shops in both Binissalem and Santa Maria). Here I cut up on my favourite road towards Bunyola with the Coll d'Honor waiting for me. The ride out of Bunyola begins with a rude incline opposite the town square. It's a taster of what's to come. I had ridden down this road yesterday, so I had a rough idea about what was ahead, but hills look completely different when you're climbing them. I suppose you have more time to consider every bump and crease in the road on the way up. 

The first 2 kilometres were not that bad, but the incline slowly took hold thereafter. It's a interesting ascent with periods of straight-ish road combined with very tight switchbacks and general 'bends'. According to the markers it ends just after 6 kilometres. From here it's either downhill or flat to Orient, save for the little cheeky climb into Orient which insisted on getting me out of the saddle. I obliged. Day two done. 

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